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Upgrade your phone camera with a detachable 8x telephoto lens

Go from zoom zero to hero with a detachable lens for just $12.99. Capture stunning photos while taking 74% off retail.
October 28, 2019
8x Telephoto Lens

Smartphone cameras are incredible. They’ve advanced to the point where most people can use them for all of their photography needs, but one area still falls short: zoom. This limited-time deal hooks your phone up with a detachable 8x telephoto lens for just $12.99.

Sure, new phones are being developed with telephoto lenses that are better than ever before, but none of them offer 8x telephoto lens zoom. The telephoto lenses on the top phones are often only 2x, and the phones themselves try to focus without using it at all.

Get clearer images eight times closer.

Think about how many incredible images you could capture from being eight times further away. Capture wildlife without disturbing it, spot amazing details in landscapes, and take clearer pictures of the moon. The capabilities of an 8x telephoto lens can work wonders for your photos.

This detachable lens provides other advantages beyond the improved zoom. You can carefully adjust the camera by twisting — much more stable than finger pinching. The quick attaching and detaching of the lens saves you from the bulk of a camera while enabling you to capture your shot with ease.

8x telephoto lens highlights:

  • Attach and detach in seconds to catch the shot.
  • Choose from black or white to match your phone.
  • Compatible with Apple, Samsung, Sony, and more smartphones.

A new phone can cost $1,000, and a professional-grade camera can cost far more, so why not grab an 8x telephoto lens for just $12.99? You can save 74% off the retail value of $50, and then upgrade your phone case just for fun.

This deal is only temporary, so check it out via the button below.

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