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The Phoenix Suns Get Androidified

February 11, 2012

National Basketball Association team, the Phoenix Suns has partnered with both Samsung and Verizon Wireless to bring Android to the game. Each team member will be receiving a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet, which will be used throughout the operation of the team. This particular tablet model was chosen because it is 4G LTE-enabled, which makes it highly usable. The tablet will run an application developed by Flying Tiger Entertainment, called Virtual Playbook.

Apart from providing a tablet to each Suns member, the entire operation will include workers at the game providing different interactive views while on their game seats. In addition, each kiosk or retailer in the arena can use these to jazz up their displays.

By giving a Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet to each Suns member, the team’s videos, scouting reports, playbook, and travel itineraries get shared on the go. And because of the tablet’s 4G LTE feature, such information can be updated on the spot.

Alvin Gentry, Suns’ coach said:

“Today’s announcement marks the beginning of a new era in the NBA, where I think teams throughout the league will want to integrate a tablet into their operations.”

True enough, this gives the sporting industry a chance for mobile technology. We’ve already witnessed a few NFL teams use iPads instead of playbooks. With the NBA, Android is their choice. We can only wonder who will be next to incorporate this new thing into their operation.

Any bets?