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Respectable brand Philips has announced that it plans to release an Android-based media player entitled the GoGear Connect. They’re so serious about this device that they went ahead and produced a giant sized version of the player and put it on display at a recent press conference.

Given that the giant sized version leaves very little to the imagination, similarities were drawn between this device and the ‘Muse’, also by Philips. However, this Android based offering will sport GPS, Wi-Fi and a more giant 3.2-inch touchscreen providing a 480×320 resolution. Not too shabby. It comes preloaded with Android 2.1 and to navigate around, it offers a Nexus One style trackball.

Other hardware based specifictions include Bluetooth, 8GB of onboard memory along with the ability to expand up with a microSDHC memory card slot. There is a HDMI output which is thought to offer 720p HD video playback. Expect to see this land in July.

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James Tromans
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