With all the hype surrounding Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity, it was easy to forget that it hadn’t even been released yet. Now, the experimental game has finally been made available via the Google Play Store.

Curious About Curiosity?

In case you haven’t heard of Curiosity already, its main premise is to allow players to “Join thousands of people worldwide to simultaneously chip away at a giant Cube to discover the life-changing secret buried inside.” Officially, the game has undergone a name change to Curiosity: What’s Inside The Cube, to avoid any possible confusion with NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover, although how one would confuse one with the other isn’t very clear.

The central theme of the mystery is–surprise, surprise–that nobody knows what’s inside the cube. It could be anything from money to a puppy to a rusty old can. The only way to find out is to figure out how to open the cube.


  • Earn coins for chipping away at the Cube and spend them on new destructive and playful tools to get to the centre of the Cube faster. The more you chip away, the more powerful you become.
  • Enjoy the addictive nature of chipping away at the Cube.
  • Make beautiful music just by interacting with the Cube.
  • Experiment with creating text and pictures just by chipping shapes into the surface of the Cube.
  • Watch the cube evolve as the world’s impact on the Cube’s surface changes over time.
  • Invite your friends to indulge their curiosity, compare your progress together, and find each other on the Cube.

If you’re interested, Curiosity is a free download in the Google Play Store. Be warned, with so many people logging on to play, a lot of players are having trouble connecting. The game is seeing a whole slew of one star reviews as a result. Whether or not it actually deserves them remains to be seen.

Are you interested in finding out what’s inside the cube? Are you going to try to be the one who finds out, or are just going to wait for somebody else to figure it out?