The team that developed the Samsung Galaxy Note probably had a lot of things on their mind when designing the 5.3-inch beast. However, they probably never thought about how user-friendly the device would be to Peter, a cute elephant that also happens to be very smart and playful.

Samsung and the Viral Factory found out about this amazing animal and couldn’t miss the chance to create the amazing videos you can see bellow. There are no hidden cuts, editing, or faked shots. Peter is really that playful, and, besides, who would go through the trouble of training an elephant to do all this just for a YouTube ad? Peter enjoyed playing around on the Galaxy Note so much, he even picked up the S-pen stylus with his trunk and attempted to draw something. By the way, it seems that Peter is better at Draw Something than most of my friends.

As you can see, Peter enjoys playing music on the Galaxy Note and is trying to make the most out of the large display. Perhaps bigger is really better? But somehow it’s hard to see the slogan “big enough for an elephant” catching on! Nevertheless, if you want more of Peter, here is some more footage of him fooling around with the Note, this time supposedly unedited.

Adorable, isn’t it? Yes, we know, it’s all marketing. But we don’t care. It’s an elephant! Scribbling on a phone! What more do you want?

To tell you the truth, it is hard to decide what one wants more after watching this: the Galaxy Note or the elephant? Or the girl? Maybe an elephant that can fit inside the Note? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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