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HTC's Peter Chou shouts HTCM7's name Braveheart style, shows off device at company event

HTC's Peter Chou shouts out the name of the HTCM7 while showing everyone at a company event.
February 1, 2013
HTC M7 Peter Chou
There are few things better for empoyee morale than a good old fashioned chant. That’s what HTCCEO Peter Chou did at a company event recently and the employees seemed to respond well to it. If you want to see it, the video is posted below. The big news, though, was that Peter Chou also whipped out two HTCM7 devices while on stage.

As was already confirmed, the phone will be coming in both black and silver. It just so happens that Mr Chou had one of each. He pulled them out and showed his audience, which was reportedly about 10,000 HTCemployees. According to reports, he was just having some fun and testing the camera.

Unfortunately, as Engadget reports, the video wasn’t of high enough quality to discern much about the M7 that Chou had on him. However, upon a cursory glance they don’t look much like the leaks that have been bouncing around.

So when is the HTCM7 getting released for all to see?

Well, another thing that pulled from the event was that HTCchairwoman Cher Wang proclaimed that she was excited to release the HTCM7 later this month. So a few days before the last bit of leaked info that came out. Thankfully, it won’t be much longer until we see this beast in action.

With a more definitive release date and some real world pictures of the device, the M7 is becoming less mysterious and more exciting. There is no doubt that an official announcement will be coming soon. We can only hope it’s delivered in group chant form. Who’s looking forward to the HTCM7 release?