Android is going into Politics! Well, no… but pretty close. We just got word that Google’s Android has obtained the approval of Pentagon in an effort of overseeing the US military to use the software. This is alongside the officials’ usage of the equally encrypted Blackberry.

However, the approval is very specific. The software can only be used on hardware which is already running Android 2.2. Fortunately, Dell is already offering Dell Venue which operates on the required version. One reason why this is a limitation is because Android is an open source software. Without setting any barriers, anyone can easily configure the software.

Pentagon has approved that a version of Android will run on a Dell hardware. This approval truly sets Android a breed apart its rivals—including its biggest competition, the iPhone. The reason why iOS was disapproved is because Apple had a very tight control on its platform. As such, installing DoD discovered that installing third-party security software is not possible with Apple devices.


To add, government officials found that using such devices would be a risk; particularly on non-American officials. Since Apple has access to track its users’ movements, it was simply not a feasible option. Because it allows encrypted traffic, Blackberry is currently the only widely used smartphone that officials are using on DoD networks. Now, Android is the next step. In fact, the Pentagon is already performing a widespread testing of prototype smartphone devices that can be used in combat.

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