peek paranoid android

Peek, one of the coolest features developed by the Paranoid Android team, has been released on the Play Store as a standalone app for all to enjoy, back in May. But in true PA fashion, the developers behind the app have never stopped polishing and improving the app, and now Peek v 2.0 is out with new features. Peek 2.0 is a “huge release,” according to developer Jesús David Gulfo Agudelo, bringing many features that the community has asked for since the launch of the initial version. Here’s a brief rundown, with more details about each new feature available in this Google Plus post:

  • Peek now can be shown after turning your screen on, even if sensor polling time has ended!
  • Motion detection algorithm has been optimized to be more reliable and precise
  • Now you can use Peek without immersive mode
  • Multiple unlock sound has been fixed
  • Persistent notifications will not wake screen up (Google Music, Downloads, etc).
  • Support for devices without full required hardware (at your own risk)

Besides these larger changes, the team also applied many smaller bug fixes and optimization tweaks. Our Joe Hindy reviewed Peek in his Indie App of the Day series and came out impressed, calling it “the closest you’re going to come to getting the Moto X Active Display without actually buying a Moto X.” The app is available in the Play Store under Francisco Franco’s developer account, and goes for $3.99. Currently, it’s only available to devices running Android 4.4 and higher.