A small number of unlucky Pebble smartwatch owners have ran into a pretty serious problem with their new watches. What’s the issue? Apparently after shutting down the watch, it is failing to turn back on.

The Pebble’s support forum thread about this issue has already reached eight pages and continues to grow. Of course all new products typically have early production issues and bugs, so we can’t say this is terribly surprising. Doesn’t make the issue any less annoying, though.

The good news is that Pebble seems dedicated to resolving the issue as quickly as possible and is working with consumers to get the affected watches replaced. The company is also examining the returned watches to better understand what is causing the malfunction.

If you are the owner of a Pebble smartwatch, don’t panic. This might not be a widespread problem. In Pebble’s Eric Migicovsky’s own words:

We’re tracking a few reports of this issue. Up to Friday, we’ve had 20-30 reports (out of 30,000+ pebbles in the field). We’ve gotten several back to the office, and we’re getting to the bottom of it.

Thirty reports isn’t that bad, and even if there are more faulty watches out there that haven’t been reported, it still likely is a small number when compared to the total amount of devices that have already been shipped.┬áThe bigger question is what is causing the problem. The answer isn’t yet known, though it is suspected that the recent version 1.9 firmware for the Pebble could be the root of the problem.

Are you a Pebble smart watch owner? If so, have you been affected by this strange bug or not?

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