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Pebble starts shipping out today

Pebble is preparing to ship out their first 500 watches today. The initial deliveries will be made to the 85,000+ users who backed the project on Kickstarter.
January 23, 2013

We’ve been eagerly following the development of Pebble, the smartphone compatible watch, and they are now finally ready to ship out the first 500 of their 85,000+ pre-orders.

The first deliveries will be made to users who initially backed the project on Kickstarter. If you pre-ordered your watch from Pebble afterwards then you’ll still be waiting a while longer before your watch is dispatched.

You might be thinking that 500 units isn’t really enough to launch the product with, and as it turns out Pebble has had issues moving all their available units to their fulfillment center, sighting problems with “documentation at the airport” as the reason for the delay.

Even so, Pebble is mass-producing 800-1,000 smartwatches each day, and should hopefully have their production capacity up to 2400 units a day in the near future. If all goes according to plan, it shouldn’t take more than couple of months to clear all of their existing pre-orders.

But it’s not good news for all Pebble purchasers; the Pebble iOS app probably won’t be available in the App Store by the time the first deliveries start arriving. Pebble has said that they submitted the app for review two weeks ago, but seem to be having a bit of trouble getting it past Apple’s red tape, despite responding to feedback.

The lack of an app won’t render the smartwatch useless for iOS customers, notifications and music controls will still work. However, installing custom watchfaces and updating the Pebble OS will have to wait until the app becomes available. There are no such problems for Android customers though, the app will go live on Google Play tomorrow (Thursday 24th January).

If you’ve pre-ordered your Pebble and received your address confirmation email, then you’ll be able to track your items delivery progress on Pebble’s own shipping website. They also plan on adding shipment tracking to your Pebble account information on the main website in the near future.