Last year, the Pebble project, the poster child of Kickstarter, ran into some problems with the manufacturing and delivery of the smartwatches to the over 85,000 backers. Finally, last month the e-ink smartwatch started shipping to the first 500 backers, and since then, more and more customers have been receiving their long awaited orders.

Once the first Pebbles reached the hands of users, it was only a matter of time until people started doing awesome stuff with it. Last week, developer Dattas Moonchaser released a plug-in app called Pebble Notifier, that let users send any notification to the smartwatch, and not only the ones supported out of the box by the device (Facebook, email, Twitter, etc.) The catch was users needed to use the Tasker automation tool to set up the notifications.

Now, Mr. Moonchaser (nice name, by the way) has updated Pebble Notifier, making it possible to set up notifications for the smartwatch without Tasker. This change is welcome, given that Tasker is a complex application that requires quite a bit of tinkering to set up properly. From now on, users will only need to have the official Pebble app installed, in addition to Pebble Notifier.

Another change in version 2.0 of Pebble Notifier is the ability to select which apps can send notifications, which is great for those who have many apps on their smartphones, but don’t want a constant barrage of notifications on their Pebbles.

Interested in Pebble Notifier? Check it out on the Play Store.