With CES just around the corner, I’m getting used to seeing cryptic rumors about what may or may not be announced, but Pebble might just take the award for the most uninformative statement. They have simply said that they are planning a “big announcement” at CES on Wednesday 9th January.

It’s frustrating being left in the dark, but as the watch was recently approved by the FCC, and as Pebble also state that pre-orders will be shipped out in early 2013, my bet would be that we’ll be seeing a launch announcement. If you are one of the 68,929 supporters who backed Pebble on Kickstarter you’ll be able to catch the announcement live on their website at 9am PST.

For those unfamiliar with Pebble, he’s a quick recap:

Pebble is a computerized watch which links up with your smartphone via Bluetooth, giving you access to all your essential information on your wrist, rather than having to reach into your pocket. The watch can also install custom apps so you can control your music, track how far you’ve run, or tell you how quickly you’re cycling. Pebble has customizable interfaces, and will alert you to incoming calls, emails, alarms and all manner of other notifications from your phone. Oh and it also tells the time too.

Pebble describes the concept as push notifications directly on your watch, which sounds very useful.

It will feature a 144 x 168 pixel black and white display, a 3 axis accelerometer with gesture detection, vibrating motor, Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR and 4.0 (Low Energy) and the ability to load apps to the watch via Bluetooth. The watches will be compatible with all Android devices running 2.3 or higher.

You can still pre-order a Pebble watch from their website for $150, and with their big announcement less than a week away, hopefully we’ll be able to get our hands on one soon.

Robert Triggs
Lead Technical Writer at Android Authority, covering the latest trends in consumer electronics and hardware. In his spare moments, you'll probably find him tinkering with audio electronics and programming.