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Pebble is planning to bring us ‘something special’ at CES, possibly new hardware

CES 2014 is almost here, and Pebble has now revealed they have something 'special' to show us come Monday at 11PM PST. Could they be preparing to unveil next-gen hardware? Read on for more details!
January 2, 2014
Pebble hits Best Buy shelves

The year 2013 might have been the year that wearable computing really started to become a buzzword, but there’s still no denying that smartwatches, computerized headsets and other wearable gizmos are very much in their early stages.

Could 2014 be the year that the wearable market truly kicks into high gear? It’s certainly starting to look that way. Not only is Google getting ever-closer to pushing out Glass to a wider audience, we’ve also heard all kinds of reports suggesting that early 2014 will see various wearable announcements from Archos, Samsung, Sony and even LG.

Let’s not forget Pebble, though. Although Pebble obviously didn’t start the smartwatch revolution, its Kickstarter campaign in the later part of 2012 certainly helped bring further attention to the wearable market. And now it looks like the smartwatch company is getting ready to wow us again at CES.

Taking to its official blog, Pebble has now revealed that they have “something special” to show us at CES, and have even announced that they will be live-streaming their press conference on January 6th (Monday) at 11pm PST for all those interested in seeing what Pebble plans to bring to the table.

So what exactly does Pebble have in store for us? Officially we have no clue, but we can speculate a little. Considering the company has already announced an app store and the original Pebble is already almost a year old, some kind of new hardware makes sense. Then again, we really don’t know for sure, but luckily we don’t have long to wait.

What do you think, would you be interested in a second-generation Pebble, or are you more interested to see what kind of wearables LG, Samsung and Sony have up their sleeves?