Just a few hours after launching for iOS, the Pebble appstore is now available for Android users who are willing to deal with a few bugs.

The Pebble appstore isn’t quite ready for the Google Play Store yet, but those who are willing to try out a beta version of the store can download the .apk file directly from Pebble. The appstore is built directly into the Pebble app, which means you’ll also be using a beta version of the app to communicate with your smartwatch on a regular basis.

Because the app is in beta, there are a few known bugs with the current release. The app has difficulty pairing to the Pebble smartwatch, for example. The beta version of the app also makes users quit their Pebble smartwatch apps on their Pebble before they can adjust settings in the phone app. Presumably the final version of the app will let users change app settings regardless of what’s running on the watch.

With the Pebble appstore it’s finally easy to find apps and watch faces for the smartwatch without scouring the web for them an manually installing each one. Of course, you can still manually install apps, but and appstore is a much easier option.

There’s no word on when the Pebble appstore will be ready for all Android users, but the team says beta testers can help make that date come more quickly by submitting any bugs they find in the beta app.

Are you going to install the Pebble appstore beta? Or will wait for the Google Play Store release?