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New Updates for Moto ACTV, More Activities to Track

We're expecting the update to start rolling out today
March 9, 2012

Taking on the fitness accessories big guns like Nike+ and Timex, Motorola released its Android-based exercise monitoring watch, Moto ACTV, last year. If the constant updates the company has been providing since its availability serve as any indication, we’re inclined to believe that the niche device has been well received by gym bunnies and OCD steroid tech-buffs alike. Get it? Good. Thought you would.

The latest update, which was promised in February, brings a variety of new features to the Moto ACTV, which includes 40 new sport activities – such as handball, badminton, basketball, yoga, fencing, dancing, skiing, and more that the watch can help you keep track of to help you reach your fitness goals. In addition, there’s a neat flick-to-wake feature to turn on the watch from sleep mode with a mere flick of the wrist. This saves you from having to look for the power button whilst drenched in sweat, focusing on your moves. The update, which is expected to be rolled out today (March 9th), also allows you to configure WiFi connections right on the watch itself. Check out the video below.

The last big update for the Moto ACTV was just sent out last December, where the company brought in a new battery status bar, workout screen lock, enhanced auto-pause and auto-run, and longer battery life – for those, you know, uninterrupted 9 hour workout sessions we all love to do. The last one was especially significant, since the device was initially only able to run for 5 hours before the battery juice ran out, so a big improvement there. If you are still on the fence about the Moto ACTV, you may want to check out our guide here. The Moto ACTV is a 1.6-inch Android-based watch with real-time fitness tracker, GPS tracker, MP3 player, and heart rate monitor features. It’s worth to note that you can also pair the device with Motorola Android smartphones to route SMS messages and phone calls.

What are your thoughts on Android watches? Have you been paying attention? Are they here to stay, or are they just passing through?