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Deal: 500GB Lifetime Premium Cloud Storage for $60

For this week only, pCloud is offering lifetime premium storage for a one-time fee. No monthly charges. This service would normally cost almost $480.
December 29, 2016

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Remember when you used to have to email documents to yourself?

Remember USB flash drives?

Remember losing data?

We’ve become so dependent on the cloud that it’s sometimes difficult to believe that we lived without services like Dropbox and Google Drive.

However, that storage doesn’t come cheap.

Sure, you get limited free access on some cloud storage services, usually just a gig or two, but if you really want to keep serious data stored for the long haul, you’re going to have to start forking over cash monthly for a subscription.

Fortunately, every once in awhile you can find a cloud platform offering lifetime access for a one-time fee. This is one of those opportunities.

pCloud is a 4.5-star rated cloud storage service that is offering lifetime access to their premium plan at a discount rate for this week only. Normally this payment option would run you nearly $480, but if you pounce on this deal, you can get it for just $59.99.

The premium pCloud storage option gives you 500GB of lifetime access.

This service lasts for the rest of your natural life. No monthly fees, no recurring payments. Considering that you would wind up paying much more than $59.99 over the years for comparable storage with Google Drive, we’re thinking this is a pretty slick deal.

pCloud in a Glance:

  • Get 500GB of cloud storage & 500GB of download link traffic without taking up any space on your computer
  • Download & upload links fast & invite users to shared folders for easy collaboration
  • Enjoy high-level security w/ a 256-bit TLS/SSL connection
  • Boot up auto upload from your iOS or Android camera to get photos on the cloud fast
  • Sync your data across multiple devices automatically & w/ any folder
  • Access content of unlimited size w/ built-in video & player & HD video streaming
  • Backup your files from Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, & OneDrive
  • Stream audio & video on all your devices w/ pCloud’s built-in media players
  • Access on multiple devices, from PC & Mac, tablet, smartphone, & more

This offer will expire in the next few days, so if you want to hop on this opportunity, the time to act is now! Click the button below to learn more!

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