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Deal: Learn to code in Python for as little as $1

Today's deal lets you pay what you want for this five-part Python online learning kit, and no coding knowledge is assumed.
March 17, 2020
Pay What You Want: Absolute Python Bundle

If you’re a wannabe coder, Python is a great place to start. You needn’t worry about expensive classroom education anymore either. For today’s five-part Python deal, you can pay what you want.

Learning to code doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s not just for nerds either. Most people can learn with the right training, and Python is particularly suited to beginners. Compared to most programming languages, it’s shorter, simpler, and easier to read.

It opens doors too, being one of the most widely-used languages in modern coding. That includes roles that can be performed remotely, giving you the freedom to travel the world or to stay at home and not be restricted to societal norms such as putting on pants.

Today’s deal is on the Absolute Python Bundle, and it’s the perfect launchpad for your coding career. Over 57 hours across five curated learning kits take you from noob to ninja through easy-to-follow video tutorials.

The Absolute Python Bundle:

There’s no fixed price for this bundle — you can pay whatever you like. Whatever you pay, even $1, you get Selenium WebDriver With Python 3.x: Novice To Ninja. However, if you beat the average price, then you get the whole bundle.

It’s not an auction — the average price is displayed, and it’s around $9 right now. In fact, it will add to your basket at the lowest price you need to pay to get all five courses.

Over 8,000 bundles have already sold, and the average price is slowly climbing. For more details and to find the deal, hit the button below.

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