When it debuted on the iOS, the Path app was the talk of the town. An app that enabled you to be part of a selective social network, it gave users an option beyond Facebook to connect with others. And now the people behind it are bringing it to Android. However, the question is, is it too late?

Make no mistake, the idea behind Path is great, and the implementation flawless. However, with its entry into Android, the initial spark may be lost because of the people behind Android itself: Google. Why is that? Because if you’ve been paying attention, the head honchos at the world’s biggest search engine just released their answer to the social networking trend: Google+.

If you’re not familiar with Path, here’s a quick lowdown. Path is in essence a selective social sharing service. Unlike most social networking services, it has a hard limit of 50 friends – which forces you to pick your your closest friends and family and share stuff with them. No worries about embarrassing crap being spread to hundreds of people; just you and the guys and gals that you feel are important to you, so you can share personal info that shouldn’t be public.

So what does Google+ do? Well, it can be as public as you want or you can share your posts with a specific number of friends. With Google+ allowing more variety, this may spell trouble for Path on the Android platform. Still, Google+ doesn’t have an iOS app – which limits it a bit – although expect Google to do their best to edge around it.

Path is still a decent app – it’s just a little late to arrive on Android.

Source: Androinica

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