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Patent troll claims that a phone with an LCD screen is patented

A patent troll claims that any use of an LCD screen is patented.
August 13, 2014

As we have discussed in the past, a patent troll is typically a company that makes nothing, researches nothing and does nothing other than sue businesses through a Non-Practicing Entity. We have seen patent trolls claim that using Wi-Fi, a scanner, a fax machine and a computer at work is all patented.

Now, we have a patent troll claiming that any use of an integrated LCD screen is patented.

TechDirt introduces us to Innovative Technologies, LLC of Austin, Texas. Innovative makes no products and has no web-site. They do have several patents revolving around an LCD screen from their parent company, Acacia. So, Innovative filed suit against cell phone carriers, auto manufactures, camera companies and GPS suppliers. Basically, they are suing any company that uses an LCD screen.

Smartphone Patent Wars

Additionally, the shady tactics of Innovative go beyond their patents.

The offices at Southpark One in Austin must be incredibly large, seeing as the same address also houses a number of other Acacia-owned subsidiaries, like Database Sync Solutions LLC, Brilliant Optical Solutions LLC, ChipSys Integrations LLC, Cellular Communications Equipment LLC, Media Recording Solutions LLC, Lifeshield Sciences LLC, RFID-Rx LLC, Promethean Insulation Technology LLC, and Progressive Semiconductor Solutions LLC. – TechDirt

The head of Innovative seems to believe that there is no patent troll problem and that patent trolls don’t even really exists! The actual quote was that “almost no one is bringing frivolous patent suits anymore.”

Innovative currently has 34 cases in litigation.