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It looks like Google is planning to introduce “supervised accounts”, aka parental controls, to Chrome, as several new features have popped up in the latest development build of its popular web browser.

So far, it looks like the feature will be built as an extension to Chrome’s existing user accounts system, whereby regular users can create new accounts with certain restrictions and limited privileges. Once a supervised account is set up, the various limitations can be configured through a dedicated webpage, which certainly seems easier than having to scroll through numerous settings menus.

If you’d like to take a look at some of the account options, Browser Fame has managed to capture a few screenshots of the features implemented so far.


These supervised accounts will likely also be making their way to Chromebooks in future. Also, empowering schools and teachers to more easily monitor and control their student’s web based activities directly from the browser itself would certainly help boost the Chromebook’s appeal with potential educational clients.

It’s currently unclear exactly what features will end up in the final version or how detailed the controls will be, as the Chrome team is still developing the user interface and features list. But it looks like privacy controls will almost certainly be heading out to Chrome in the near future, which is sure to be a relief to parents who want to keep tabs on their children’s internet usage.

Robert Triggs
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