Video courtesy of YT user YTFail via Reddit.

After a bit of drama around the Halo feature, the Paranoid Android team is back at what it does best – bringing us cool new features in a stock-like custom ROM.

The latest addition to PA’s arsenal is Peek, a feature that resembles the Active Display of the Moto X. Introduced today on Google Plus, Peek attempts to bring the convenience of a smartwatch to your smartphone, by showing notifications when you pick up the device or pull it out of your pocket. To do so, the function taps into data from motion and light sensors for 10 seconds after a notification is received. If activity is detected within this timespan, PA will display a minimalist interface with your notifications, without any action required from your side. Clicking or sliding on an icon will open up the app.

The beauty of Peek is that it only listens for movements for a short period of time, thus reducing battery consumption. Devices with AMOLED screens, such as the Galaxy Nexus, only light up the pixels that are used, so battery drain should be minimal. But as long as it’s well implemented, Peek could be frugal enough even for LCD devices.

Details on the feature are hard to come by for now, but the Paranoid Android team promised more is to come. The feature can be activated from Settings > Display > Peek notifications on ASOPA 4.2 Beta 1, which is currently available for Nexus devices.

Bogdan Petrovan
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