Maybe you’re not big on rooting your device, and flashing a custom ROM. Perhaps that seems a bit fussy to you, or you just don’t have the time for that. It could be that custom ROMs don’t really add a lot of value for you.

You know what? I’m with you. Its just never been my thing. After seeing what Paranoid Android has done, I will be re-evaluating my stance. What we previously alluded to as pop-up notifications is actually called HALO… and it’s pretty brilliant.

Now, if HALO looks like Facebook Home to you, that’s because it is meant to. Paranoid Android makes no bones about that. They have no problem at all telling us where their inspiration came from, but that’s about where it ends. They took the Facebook Home idea and pumped it full of steroids.

Rather than being limited to Facebook messenger, HALO utilizes almost any app. That’s right… any app that gives a notification for a new message will be useful for HALO. The app is still in alpha testing, but looks really good so far.

Check out the video below, and let us know what you think. We really liked the Facebook Home app, and openly hoped more developers would follow suit. Paranoid Android answered the call, and we’re really excited to see what this already great feature looks like once it’s ready for mass consumption.