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Paranoid Android AOSPA4+ Beta 2 now available

The beta2 update for Paranoid Android's new KitKat based ROM has been released today. Although the popular HALO, PIE, and Hybrid features remain absent for now.
January 13, 2014
Paranoid Android 3

It wasn’t too long ago that custom ROM enthusiasts received a delightful early Christmas present- the first beta build of the AOSPA 4+ (Android KitKat) version of Paranoid Android. After less than a month the development team has already put together an improved beta build, which aims to iron out a few of the early bugs.

For the most part, the beta2 version appears to be stable. As well as a number of bug fixes, this update also adds in new Quick Settings tiles and an optional swanky looking lockscreen blur effect. Here’s a full copy of the change log for beta2:

AOSPA 4.0 Beta 2 <2014-01-13>

  • Updated SuperSU
  • Sprint Hidden Menu
  • Increasing Ringtone
  • Additional Quick Setting Tiles
  • Quick Settings Pulldown (statusbar right side)
  • See Through Lockscreen (blur effect implemented)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix Sprint data issues
  • Fix lockscreen blur rotation on tablets
  • Fix quick settings edit mode icon transparency
  • Fix possible force close when enabling see through lockscreen
  • Standardize notification LED app selector icon size

Sadly Paranoid Android’s popular Halo, PIE, and powerful Hybrid customization options have not yet made it into the 4+ beta builds. But as the ROM grows increasingly stable, these features should soon be patched in.

You can find the desired ROM files for supported Nexus devices here. Those of you itching to try out the latest build on other devices, like myself, will have to wait for developers to update their ROMs accordingly.

If you’ve tried out the Paranoid Android 4+ beta, let us know what you think.