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Paranoid Android support arrives for legacy devices

Paranoid Android has announced a range of Legacy (non-Nexus) handsets which will now receive regular ROM updates, bringing the PA experience to even more smartphone users.
March 27, 2014
Paranoid Android Wallpaper 6

Those of you who have ever checked out the official Paranoid Android download page will have noticed that the team doesn’t officially support many devices, in fact the developers only officially supports Nexus and Oppo handsets for its ROM. For a small team this is obviously practical, but us smartphone users are often left trawling the web for a download from some kind coder who has ported the ROM over to our specific Android handset.

There’s good news though, as the Paranoid Android team is now broadening its list of supported devices to include many popular legacy handsets (that’s non-Nexus devices). Some developers on the team, who own other non-Nexus handsets, have begun “unofficially” maintaining a sub-group of devices, and will be sharing their work with the rest of us through PA’s new AOSPA-Legacy download page. There are currently several PA 4+ Beta builds available for download.

Here’s the list of legacy devices currently being supported by Paranoid Android:

  • a510 – Acer Iconia Tab a510
  • a700 – Acer Iconia Tab a700
  • d2lte – Samsung Galaxy s3 (U.S Variants)
  • dlx – HTCDroid DNA
  • d80x – LG G2 (GSM)
  • evita – HTCOne X (U.S.)
  • galaxysmtd – Samsung Galaxy S
  • gee/geeb – LG Optimus G
  • GT-N5100 – Note 8.0 (3G)
  • GT-N5110 – Note 8.0 (Wifi)
  • hercules – Samsung Galaxy s2 (T-Mobile)
  • hlte – Note 3 (U.S. Variants)
  • i605 – Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Verizon)
  • i9300 – Samsung Galaxy S3 (International)
  • i9500 – Samsung Galaxy S4 (International, non-lte)
  • jflte – Samsung Galaxy S4 (U.S Variants)
  • l900 – Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Sprint)
  • ls980 – LG G2 (CDMA)
  • m7 – HTCOne (U.S. Variants)
  • moto_msm8960dt – Moto x (U.S. Variants)
  • **moto_msm8960 –
  • n7000 – Galaxy Note
  • n7100 – Galaxy Note 2 (International 3G only)
  • odin – Xperia ZL
  • p880 – LG Optimus 4X HD
  • skyrocket – Samsung Galaxy s2 (AT&T)
  • togari – Xperia Z Ultra
  • *v500 – LG Gpad 8.3
  • vs980 – LG G2 (CDMA)
  • yuga – Xperia Z

* – currently does not compile
** – too many devices to list under one device name

Paranoid Android intends to have the builds for legacy devices kept up to date on par with the regular AOSPA builds, they’re aiming for just a 2-3 day delay after official releases. This will allow “legacy” users to have relatively quick access to updated features.

Don’t fret if your device isn’t listed above, PA is also currently on the lookout for knowledgeable individuals to compile code for other devices too. There are still the unofficial channels to search through as well.

Here’s hoping that even more Legacy devices are added in the future.