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Continuing with the trend of weekly updates, the Paranoid Android AOSPA 4.0 beta has received its fourth batch of fixes today. Beta 4 mainly addresses bugs that have been reported since the last big update, so there aren’t any major new features included this time around. Even so, plenty has changed – the two finger quick settings pull down function is back, the new Immersive mode has been patched up a tad, and over the air updates should now be fixed. Hurrah!

Here’s the full change log:

AOSPA 4.0 Beta 4 <2014-01-27>

  • Restored two finger quick setting pull down
  • Improved lightbulb activation time on tablets
  • Immersive mode fixes (also, now a dual tile)
  • Network toggle tile is disabled if Google dialer is installed
  • Sleep tile long press opens power menu
  • Long press rssi (mobile network) tile takes you to data usage
  • Dimmed dual tile switch icon
  • Downloads notification now expandable (show download speed)
  • Fixed Nexus 10 bootanimation
  • Add SuperSU to settings, hide app from launcher
  • Little performance improvement
  • PA OTA fixes

To help beta testers keep on top of bug reports and tracking fixes, Paranoid Android has also set up a new official bug tracking system. Beta testers can now sign-up and help submit bugs without having to worry that their issue will be lost in a stream of G+ comments.

Click here if you’re looking to download the latest update.

Robert Triggs
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