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Paranoid Android 4.6 beta 2 arrives, improves DSB and brings bug fixes

Paranoid Android 4.6 beta 2 has now arrived, and while it doesn't bring new features, it does improve the new Dynamic System Bars. The update also brings several bug fixes and general improvements.
September 23, 2014
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At the beginning of the month the Paranoid Android team released PA 4.6 beta 1, bringing dynamic system bars, a new gesture for the hover feature and several bug fixes. Now PA 4.6 beta 2 has touched down and while it doesn’t bring any new features, it does improve the DSB introduced in beta 1.

For those that aren’t aware, beta 1 introduced dynamic system bars, which basically means the status and navigation bars now adopt the color of the app currently displayed on screen, better blending in. In beta 2, the PA team is cleaning up the DSB animations and reducing screen polling. The team notes that DSB still has room for improvement, especially on older and lower-end devices, but says the DSB experience should be much more fluid now.

There are some bug fixes and general improvements listed in beta 2 as well, such as improvements to general graphical performance, a fix that correctly updates the lock screen tracking info, updated OPO drivers and other minor improvements. Head over here to download PA 4.1 beta 2 for your device, or check out the original G+ announcement for more details.

For those that have already installed it, any noticeable improvement in performance over beta 1?