paranoid android 4.6 beta 1 dynamic system bars

The Paranoid Android team just announced the release of PA 4.6 beta 1, which brings the much anticipated dynamic system bars, a new gesture for the Hover feature, and bug fixes.

So, what are dynamic system bars? You know how the navigation bar and status bar in stock Android are black through most of the system? Well, Paranoid Android’s designers think there shouldn’t be a stark contrast between the currently running app and the nav and status bars.

Starting with PA 4.6 beta 1, the two bars will adopt the color of the app currently displayed on the screen, effectively blending in. Of course, you will still see the status icons, notifications, and nav buttons, with the feature changing their color based on the background. And it’s not just the color of the app’s action bar that’s being matched – wherever you are in the app, the nav bars will adapt.

Another new feature coming in this release is a “swipe up to temporary dismiss” gesture for the Hover floating notifications feature.

There are some bug fixes as well, including a potentially serious one bogging down performance on the Nexus 5 in some conditions.

This being a beta release, you should expect some rough edges and other issues here and there. The PA team warns in particular about potential performance and battery consumption issues related to DSB.

Head over here to download PA 4.1 beta 1 for your device.

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