Paranoid Android Theme Engine update

Although the Paranoid Android team may have release the “final” stable version of its 4.4 ROM last month, that doesn’t mean that the work has stopped.

Coding continues on the new 4.5 Alpha build, which has been bumped up to Alpha 2 status today and incorporates some Android L inspired features, such as the new card-based recent apps menu. The stable branch of Paranoid Android 4.4 has also received a new update to version 4.44, up from version 4.43.

Here is the changelog for the most recent updates.

New for 4.5 Alpha 2:

  • Reworked zoom animations
  • Smoother animations
  • Transparent background
  • More visible shadows (not yet finished)
  • Other small cleanup

Common (4.44 and 4.5):

  • Merged Theme Engine upstream patches and bug fixes
  • Fixed transparent navbar
  • Possibility to hide battery in status bar (option stored in battery style settings chooser)

You can check out how Paranoid Android is implementing its Android L inspired recent apps interface in the video below.

Nexus device owners can grab the 4.4 stable release and 4.5 alpha builds from the Paranoid Android website. Non-Nexus owners will have to wait for the latest version of the ROM to be ported to their specific handset, which should appear here when the time comes.

Robert Triggs
Lead Technical Writer at Android Authority, covering the latest trends in consumer electronics and hardware. In his spare moments, you'll probably find him tinkering with audio electronics and programming.