The team behind the popular custom ROM Paranoid Android revealed the first build that incorporates a recent apps interface similar to Android L.

The new interface is currently available in PA 4.5 Alpha 1, a preview build meant to showcase design changes that are currently in the works. Announced last week, the new recent apps interface is obviously inspired by the card-based recent apps that Google is previewing in L release. As you can see from the video, the two implementations are quite similar, down to the swipe to dismiss behavior and the animations.

As a preview build, there may be issues and inconsistencies, both in terms of functionality and in appearance. As such, the 4.5 Alpha 1 build is not recommended for users that are looking for a stable, consistent experience on their phones.

For users who prefer the stable branch, the team has also released PA 4.43, which contains bug fixes and other small tweaks.

Here’s the official changelog (common to both 4.43 and 4.5 Alpha 1):

  • ParanoidOTA fixes and cleanup
  • Fix daydream duplicates
  • Theme Engine upstream patches
  • Quicksettings fixes
  • Pie will be activated in apps that use immersive mode if Pie is enabled via on the spot

PA 4.5 Alpha 1 builds and PA 4.43 builds are currently available for modern Nexus devices, while ROMs for other devices may become available on the legacy project page.

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