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The Paranoid Android ROM keeps surprising us with amazing features, but today’s update is a little different. The team has taken features like Peek, Hover, and Floating Window, and improved them further. These functions had some security holes that needed patching. There’s also support for new features and some bug fixes (as usual). Let’s take a look at the change log!


  • Logic improvements
  • Don’t show on sim pin
  • Implement blacklist feature


  • Logic improvements
  • Don’t show on sim pin
  • Fixed notification clicker on some notifications
  • In call improvements
  • Once expanded current hover notification stay there until you touch outside or de-expand it.
  • When incoming call notification drops down is locked and no other notifications are processed until call’s end. To dismiss it (hide), decline/accept call clicking the buttons or open the dialer tapping on the notification
  • Fix some spam
  • Hide on dismiss (even from a button inside notif, reflects live parent android notification removal)

Paranoid Android's Hover - Hands On - YouTube 07 001352

Floating window:

  • Implement blacklist feature


  • Complete Italian translations of public git source (thank you crowdin contributers)
  • Dismiss IME when floating window is dismissed
  • Keep app when opening floating window from recents panel
  • Some upstream fixes
  • PAOTA fixes

For those who don’t know about these features, they are quite amazing. Peek is much like Motorola’s Active Display, which let’s you take a look at recent notifications and act upon them without turning on the screen. Hover and Floating Windows are all about multi-tasking and notifications. Actually, you can even download Peek and use it with any smartphone (read all about it here)!

Do remember you must flash the Paranoid Android ROM to take advantage of said features, though. If you know what you are doing and are willing to risk your warranty and/or device, you can go ahead and download the new version of the custom ROM. It’s available for most Nexus devices at the Paranoid Android team’s website.

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