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Paranoid Android releases official 0-Day GAPPS package, promises always up-to-date apps

The Paranoid Android team has now officially announced its new 0-Day GAPPS package, which aims to provide always up-to-date, unmodified Google apps for the use in any custom ROM.
October 15, 2013

As you might already know, flashing a custom ROM is a great way to make the most out of your Android device. Unfortunately, the experience isn’t always a straightforward one and requires time, patience and a little know how.

Arguably one of the biggest inconveniences with flashing a custom ROM is that you have to manually install Google Apps if you want to enjoy Google Play and all the other great Google services. While this wouldn’t be that big of deal, the problem is that the provided links for GAPPS are often for an out of date version of the package, one that you later have to update.

Here to tackle the issue, Paranoid Android has announced a new “0-Day PA Google Apps” package that is compatible with just about any ROM out there. This package is designed to provide a full set of unmodified, always up to date Google apps that include all necessary dependencies and libs. Further, the GAPPs have the ability to survive ROM updates and – at least on Paranoid Android – will even auto update over the air.

Since the team doesn’t officially have Google’s permission to provide these apps, they are entering into a a bit legal gray area by providing their new 0-Day package. The Paranoid Android team admits that this is true, but remains hopeful that Google will ‘turn a blind eye”.

We all know this is a legal gray area but let’s face it, the outdated, broken, buggy, incomplete packages which are distributed throughout the developer/Rom scene do more harm than good. If Google decides to turn a blind eye on this let us at least do them the courtesy of making sure the original Google experience isn’t broken or adulterated!

Interested in learning more? You’ll want to head over to the XDA Developer forum, where the PA team has a thread that includes both download links and more details.