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The AT&T Pantech Discover is coming to Verizon as the "Pantech Perception"

Pantech's "budget" 720p 4G LTE Android smartphone is going to land on AT&T this week as the Discover and on Verizon in Q1 as the Perception. Should you buy it?
January 9, 2013

Yesterday AT&T announced a 4.8 inch 720p handset called the Discover. It has a dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, 1 GB of RAM, 13 megapixel camera, and it even has 4G LTE support. It goes on sale this Friday for just $50 with a two year contract, which makes it an incredible bargain. But what if you’re a Verizon customer? According to @evleaks, the famous Twitter user who somehow manages to leak everything before everyone else, the Discover will be landing on Verizon as the Perception. When exactly and for how much? We can except to see the Perception on store shelves in Q1, but pricing information has yet to be divulged.

Should you buy this phone? Here’s the thing, Americans think that what they pay for a phone when they leave the store is an important number. It actually isn’t. Whether you get a $50 Discover or a $300 Note II, you’re still going to have the same phone bill for the next two years. Is it worth it to save $100 or $200 when you’re going to be locked to a device for the next 24 months of your life? We say no, but at the same time we understand that there are people out there who are not that financially well off.

Just to put things into some perspective, the Galaxy S3, arguably the best phone of 2012, can be had on AT&T for just $150 more. That’s basically an extra $6.25 per month for the duration of a 2 year contract. On Verizon the S3 is the same price, but they’re also offering the 4G LTE enabled Nexus for just $50.

Buying a smartphone is hard, we get that, but we suggest you think more about your bill than what you pay for your phone. Most of you would be fine using a prepaid plan from Straight Talk. There’s no 4G LTE, but can you really say no to $45 per month for unlimited everything?