Have you ever thought of the idea of answering your phone using gesture-like motion controls? If the answer is yes, then we’ve got a surprise for you. South Korean mobile phone manufacturer Pantech recently announced a new set of smartphones integrating gesture-like functionality. The technology behind this comes from Touch Free UI Solutions developed by eyeSight Mobile Technologies.

According to reports, the company’s new phone named Pantech Vega LTE will be a smartphone powerhouse featuring a dual-core 1.5-GHz processor, a front-facing 1.-3MP camera, 1 GB RAM, and an 8-MP camera that goes along well with its massive 16-GB internal storage. Gesture-like motion controls will work for a wide variety of functions such as silencing incoming calls, skipping music tracks, and ultimately playing motion gesture games.

The video above was posted in YouTube demonstrating the phone’s capabilities.  It shows a woman with her hands covered in cooking batter, managing to answer her call by simply waving at her phone. The phone is pretty much useful in sticky situations that require a form of gesture-like actions to complete certain tasks without your ever touching the phone.

You might be familiar of Microsoft’s Kinect, which uses body movements to control the behavior of game characters on screen. The technology is somewhat based on that principle, but minus the Kinect.

Pantech will soon be releasing the phone later this month in its hometown, but at this point, there are no word about whether or not the device will hit American and European shores.

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