With just over two days left before the end of it’s Indiegogo campaign the Panono Ball Camera successfully raised more than $900,000 in pledges, meaning it will become an actual device sometime later this year.

The Panono Ball Camera is a unique camera that takes complete 360-degree panoramas similar to the Photo Sphere feature on Android phones. The difference is the Panono takes every image in a single moment and stitches them together with no interaction from the user. Using the camera is simple, just throw if up in the air and the ball camera will take a 108MP image at the zenith of the throw.

Or, if you’re afraid of dropping the Panono, you can simply hold it in one hand and press a button to take a picture. There’s also an option to put the ball on the end of a stick to get a birds-eye-view image without the fear of dropping the device. Of course, the Panono team says the device is sturdy enough to withstand the occasional drop, so these methods are only for the extra careful.


After the panorama is taken, you can view it on any smartphone or tablet with the companion app. The app uses the motion sensors in smartphones and tablets so you can look around the photo by just moving the device around.

There’s still a couple days left of the crowdfunding campaign for the Panono, so there’s still a chance to buy one of the first ball cameras. During the Indiegogo campaign the device costs $499, which is $100 cheaper than the final retail price. The team expects to ship the Panono in September 2014, though we’re always skeptical of release dates for crowdfunded devices – ask any Pebble user how long they had to wait for their smartwatch to ship.

Are you going to put your money down on a Panono Ball Camera?

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