After its unplanned silence for almost 6 years, Panasonic has returned with a kick! With its return, plans of re-launching a new breed of mobile phones are being brewed for Europe. According to this Japanese manufacturer, their very first ‘global’ smartphone is expected to be launched next year. The target date for the release of this new handset is in March 2012 in Europe before being released in the US, China, and in other Asian countries.

When asked about its features, the only thing they can affirm now is a 4.3-inch OLED dustproof and waterproof screen. With regards to its other specifications, the company is being mum and not disclosing any further information. Along with this news, the company has issued a few photos of the device. We could only make out the NFC logo, which could be a possible indication that the device is Google Wallet enabled.

According to Panasonic’s Head of Mobile Communications Unit Toshinori Hoshi:

We are well aware of our powerful competitors—however, market shares are changing dramatically and if we launch into this fast-changing market, we believe we have a chance of a hit.

Panasonic hopes to sell a total of 1.5 million smartphones in Europe by the next financial year. Its total global target is to reach 15 million handsets sold by 2016.

Did you miss Panasonic? Will you be picking one up when it re-launches in the market?

[Source: Telegraph]

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