Earlier today, Fujitsu announced that they will be debuting at the Mobile World Congress so they can inform the Europe market that they will be selling their smartphones there. Panasonic has followed suit and has announced that they will be bringing the Panasonic Eluga handset to the Eurozone within the year. This marks the Eluga as the first high-end Android smartphone that will be making a debut outside its motherland, Japan.

With regard to the specs of the device, the Eluga is believed to have a NFC capability and qHD display. It also has a 4.3-inches screen, OLED display, and a capacitive menu button. Even though Panasonic did not announce which version the Eluga’s OS will be, many speculate that it will be (at least) Android Gingerbread. Apart from being resistant to water and dust, that’s all the information the company has divulged at this time.

Perhaps we’ll see the Eluga at the MWC this Sunday. By then, we’ll give you more information on its specs, availability and pricing. We’ll also let you know if it is one smartphone to trade your Samsung over. Or you simply getting the Eluga as a remote control for your Panasonic TV at home.


Christine Torralba
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