It seems like every phone manufacturer out there is just itching to get in on the 1080p smartphone action. While the HTC Droid DNA is the only official 1080p phone available in the United States right now, many new 1080p handsets are preparing for launch around the globe. Now it seems that Panasonic might be planning a 1080p smartphone of their own.

So what do we know? Recently the Panasonic P-02E was spotted via a leaked NTT DoCoMo terminal access log. The log states the phone has Android 4.1.2 as its OS and is equipped with a 1080 x 1920 pixel display. Nothing else about its specs are official at the moment.

That said, we can certainly make an educated guess. Considering the fact Panasonic is springing for a 1080p display, you can pretty much bet that this thing will be a high-end quad-core device. RAM will likely be on par with other high-end phones coming out as well, so I’d say around 2GB.

Ruggedized devices are very popular in Japan, and since this is likely a flagship device, it could be part of the water-resistant Eluga lineup. Keep in mind that these specs are pure speculation though.


Hoping to see the Panasonic P-02E in Europe or North America? Don’t bet on it. Panasonic recently stated that it is only focusing on the Japanese market in order to limit financial losses.

So what do you think, interested in the idea of a 1080p Panasonic smartphone or not?

Andrew Grush
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