One of the greatest trials a couple can go through is being in a long distance relationship. Less time to see each other, shorter conversations on the phone (especially if you are particular about phone bills), longer nights without the other, and a lot more that could pose a threat to your relationship. Being far from each other is, most of the time if not always, coupled with trust issues.

Whether you’ve been together for eons or for a couple of weeks, trust is key to every relationship, especially when both of you are separated by thousands of miles.

Frequent text messaging, calling, and chatting are probably the first three solutions you’ll resort to when you want to keep in touch with your loved one. But, have you ever thought of doing something more than these three? Has it ever crossed your mind that there is one solution out there that can get you even closer to your significant other?

These two questions have definitely crossed the minds of Pair’s developers. Pair is an application that establishes a private connection between you and your loved one. Yes, a private connection.

You won’t have to worry about sending a text message to the wrong person, especially if it’s a personal message. Mistakenly sending an “I can’t wait to see you” message to your boss would be quite embarrassing, wouldn’t it?

Pair takes keeping in touch a notch higher. From the name itself, you need to “pair” your device with your loved one’s. This does not entail the use of Bluetooth, by the way.

All you have to do is sign up for an account, for free, after you’re done installing the app. Send an invite to your loved one, either by mail or by sending an introductory video. Your loved one will be prompted to accept your invitation and install the app, if he/she hasn’t installed it yet, to start sharing with you.

Pair allows you and your significant other to swap messages in the form of videos, or handwritten notes, photos, locations, and even virtual kisses which the app calls “ThumbKisses” with each other, more of like a shared timeline that is privately accessible to only the two of you. You can draw sketches and exchange them, or you can both work on one sketch together, in real-time.

Pair also has a feature called Moments that stores all your sketches and photos in one big collection. If you want to relive a certain captured moment or remember the fun you had while working on a sketch with your loved one, just access Moments.

Another important feature that is worth pointing out is Pair’s Shared To-Do List. Both of you can add and check off completed tasks, keeping the other constantly reminded of things you both need to attend to.

This app also reminds you of your anniversary, birthdays, and other important events. Avoid getting in trouble just because you forgot your anniversary, your partner’s birthday, or your own birthday.

One thing you’ll find unique about this app is that it also values integrity and faithfulness. Pair allows you to have only one connection, and that sole connection is the one you have with your partner.

The app basically keeps you honest and faithful, unless you have another device that can also run the app. In the case of a break-up, you can always unpair your device from your ex-partner and maybe find a new person to use Pair with.

Despite the fact that Pair limits you to only one connection, it definitely does not limit the features you can enjoy. Having this app while your loved one is oceans away may help die down your feelings of longing. Long distance will surely be of little matter to you, just as long as you have Pair to bring you closer to your partner.

Download Pair for free from the Google Play Store today and start showing your love to your significant other.