Google Android MarketRegan Whitehead of T-Mobile UK, speaking at an event in London, said that the UK version of the Android Market will start supporting paid applications tomorrow, Thursday the 12th of March.

This is according to’s Stuart Dredge, who was sitting at a T-Mobile UK hosted event this morning that discussed Android and its place in the universe.  Or at least its place in the mobile industry.

T-Mobile execs reportedly also said that the T-Mobile G1 is currently accounting for 20 percent of the network’s new phone sales, and claimed what we interpret to mean that it is currently selling 70% as fast as Apple’s iPhone, which certainly would mean it is a success.  T-Mobile reportedly also said that the average G1 consumer was a 32 year old male, and that G1 users typically generate 5 times as much data revenue than non-G1 owners.