The $35 Raspberry Pi Linux-based PC doesn’t need any more introductions, does it? In fact, the project is becoming more and more popular, with more and more buyers interested in the more-than-affordable tiny computer.

It now appears that the 1 million sales mark has been passed, although the number isn’t necessarily confirmed yet. Raspberry Pi revealed a few days ago that one of its distributors sold over half a million devices – and the company only has two official partners:

The folks at element 14/Premier Farnell announced today that they alone have now made and sold more than half a million Raspberry Pis. They’re only one of two official distributors; we don’t have completely up-to-date figures from RS Components yet, but Farnell’s news suggests that we’re well on the way to having sold our millionth Raspberry Pi.

Have you purchased a Raspberry Pi computer yourself? How is the device treating you so far?