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Ouya trials a $60 All-Access Pass to its games library

Ouya has been testing out an all-access pass to its game library, which costs $60 and gives customers unlimited access to paid games for 12 months.
July 1, 2014

Despite its ever growing game portfolio and the recent Ouya Everywhere announcement, which opened up the library to a broader range of devices, Ouya doesn’t seem to have grown into the poster child for Android gaming that some were anticipating, yet. In an attempt to revitalize the platform’s fortunes, Ouya has just launched a trial run of its “All-Access Pass”.

The pass costs $60 and acts as a 12 month subscription service. It includes unlimited access to the Ouya online store’s paid games, allowing customers to browse the store and add games to their library without further cost. The offer includes access to premium paid games as well as some downloadable content, such as level expansion packs.

However, the current state of mobile gaming business practices don’t always lend themselves to this sort of all-pass offer. Ouya has had to outline in the fine print that this $60 still does not cover downloadable content that is there to “enhance gameplay”. In other words, the $60 subscription won’t cover you when it comes to games with in-app purchases for lives, weapons, etc. It’s unfortunate that these type of games make up a substantial portion of the game library.

That being said, Ouya changed its policy back in March to allow developers to sell paid games that don’t offer free demo versions or in-app purchases, opening the door for some more serious games to make their way to the platform, such as the upcoming That Dragon, Cancer, and Thralled.

If you are new to Ouya or haven’t already purchased a good chunk of the premium games available in the Ouya store, then there’s probably some good value to be had out of the $60 pass, especially as it will include future game released over the year too. For existing customers with a fleshed out gaming library already, the expense may be a little harder to justify.

Unfortunately, the limited number of passes have already sold out.  Although, if the trial proves a success, the subscription service could reappear in the near future. You can always add yourself to the All-Access Pass mailing list, if you want to be one of the first to know when the offer reappears.