Even though there are only a few days left until the end of OUYA‘s Kickstarter campaign, they’re still managing to sign-up more partners to make their offer more compelling and to increase the buzz around their product. This could help with receiving more donations in the last few days of the campaign, and also to get more people interested in buying it at launch next year.

From the latest round of partners is iHeartRadio, which promises to bring their HTML5 app to OUYA. iHeartRadio is available on pretty much anything from phones to tablets, cars and Google TV’s, so it’s no surprise that they will want to expand to what looks to be a very popular product.

Since it’s a HTML5, the necessary tweaks to port the app to OUYA should be minimal. iHeartRadio service will only be available in the US right now, but OUYA says they are preparing a similar partnership for the international version as well.

iHeartRadio’s HTML 5 App is a great fit for OUYA because it’s built for a large screen format and provides an intuitive and engaging audio and visual experience.

The Android-powered gaming console will have all the same features as our regular app — the best live radio stations from all over America, PLUS user-created Custom Stations, like a playlist, inspired by favorite artists and songs, all-in-one free digital radio experience.

OUYA has also announced a partnership with the creators of Guitar Hero and Call of Duty, U4iA, who promise to bring the first confirmed person shooter game to the console, called Offensive Combat. This is the kind of game people will want to see on a console like OUYA, so it’s nice to see OUYA is recognizing this as well.

Everyone here at U4iA Games is excited to bring our titles to OUYA! Given that consoles are so expensive and face an uncertain future, OUYA stands out as the perfect example of an affordable home-entertainment platform created specifically for core gamers like us. We’ve used our profound wisdom to create a cheeky, free-for-all shooting mash-up called Offensive Combat. Moving forward, we can’t wait to bring all-new games in the Offensive Combat universe to the OUYA platform.

OUYA is now at $6.6 million, with over 50,000 backers, but if you want to donate or pre-order your own OUYA console, there are still 4 days left.