An open-source, low-cost gaming console could be the perfect platform for retro-gaming, and the folks behind OUYA seem to agree. The company has confirmed several emulators are on their way to the Android-based console, and will hopefully be available right around the console’s launch.

In a new OUYA forum post, Ed Krassentein mentions that the NES emulator, EMUya, has already been submitted for approval. He also points out that an SNES emulator called SuperGNES is being worked on, as is an N64 emulator called Mupen64plus. There is even word that an N-Gage emulator is in the works, though only the gaming gods know why.

For retro-gamers, the presence of emulators through the OUYA store is great news because it means that playing your favorite old-school games will be easier than ever. At the same time, it also means that OUYA is, even if indirectly, encouraging gamers to get their hands on ROMS by touting emulation as a feature.

Why does that matter? Most commercial ROMs still contain content that is copyrighted, so downloading them for free on the net is considered illegal. That said, there is nothing illegal about emulators themselves, and even Google Play carries them. On the positive side, having game emulators is very helpful for the OUYA as it gives early adapters something to do with the system until more original content shows up down the road.

What do you think of the OUYA? Does the idea of running classic video games on the $99 console add to your interest, or are you more excited about original content coming to the system?