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OUYA gaming console begins shipping to developers

The popular Kickstarter project OUYA, which is an Android-powered gaming console, is now shipping to developers who pledged for the project earlier this year.
December 28, 2012

The highly anticipated OUYA Kickstarter project that raised $8.5 million through its campaign back in August has begin shipping gaming consoles to developers who backed the project while it was seeking investments. Currently, the OUYA console units are only being dispatched to developers while the regular buyers will get their devices in March or April of 2013.

For those of you who don’t know this already, OUYA is an open source gaming console which runs Google’s Android platform (see video below for more details). It comes with handheld controllers and can be connected with a television or monitor to have console-like gaming action. Many developers have already announced they’ll support OUYA in their games.

Moreover, earlier this month the company also announced that 10 more titles would become available for OUYA. The ten games include Fist of Awesome, MechKnight Chronicles, Syder Arcade, KidElectro, Space Runner, Legend of Dungeon, iMech Online, DustyRevenge, HolyShield! and Starbound.

The developer kits, dispatched on December 28 as promised, will allow developers to code games and applications for this Android-powered gaming console. This is a smart move by OUYA as many games and apps will become available for the device when it is launched in 2013. The developer kits consist of one console and two controllers.

In addition to sending out units to developers OUYA has also launched the dev portal for developers.

OUYA is a unique project and it’s described by many as a game changer. The release of such gaming consoles will not only help in making games on Android platform better but they also open doors for Android to be used in whole lot of different devices along with smartphones and tablets.