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166 Indie developers demo their OUYA games

The CREATE game jam has been challenging development teams to build playable games in just 10 days. 166 entrants have been showcasing games they'd like to bring to OUYA.
January 29, 2013

As it’s only two months until OUYA’s much anticipated release date, it’s about time we starting to have a look at some of the titles we can expect to see popping up on the little console. The CREATE Game Jam has been challenging development teams to build playable games in just 10 days, for the chance to win a prize from the $45,000 pool.

There are an unbelievable number of entries, and I’ve not had time to look through them all. The entries range in quality, where some games look almost like finished products, others are clearly prototypes. But I did come across a few interesting games which I think are worth a mention.

Space Tech Quality Assurance, developed by PixelMushroom, is a pretty fun looking competitive shooter. The game sees you battling against your friends using a jet-pack and a laser gun, which is always an excellent combination.

I also like the sound of Amsterdam, by Scallopdelion & Co, which takes place in a world filled with washed up videogame characters. You take the roll as a 90’s hero who suffers from hallucinations and comes to terms with his watermelon addiction.

Also if you remember playing the old Ice Climbers game on the NES or Gameboy, but wondered what it would be like if the players took the mallets to each other rather than to the ice, then Breath might be something you’ll enjoy.

Ultimately many of the 166 entries shown won’t end up being completely finished, and won’t see the light of day on OUYA. But there are some promising titles in there. If you want to check out all the entries then head on over to the CREATE entrants page, and let me know if you come across any other little gems.