It was only last week when we got an update on OUYA’s development, ensuring us that the console is still on track for a March 2013 release, and now we have exciting news again. More development kits are up for pre-order on OUYA’s website, being expected to ship as soon as January 2013.

More, because the first such kits should go out starting this December to early and generous pledgers of the Kickstarter project. Now for the bad news. The dev kits up for grabs now go for $800 a pop, which might seem like a lot for regular tech enthusiasts.

Then again, regular people should not think about ordering these, as they are only targeted at game developers wanting to make their work available on the Android console as soon as possible.

The package also includes an OUYA console, two controllers and the exclusive ODK (the actual software developer kit), so after all it doesn’t seem like a bad deal. Not to mention that you get the OUYA a lot earlier than other folks, and that honor should cost a couple of extra bucks, right?

No words on how many development kits OUYA has “on stock”, but we’re guessing not a truckload, so if there’s any game dev out there that’s hesitated to back up the project earlier, now’s the time to cough up the money.

As for us day-to-day gamers, we have nothing to worry about on the pricing front, with OUYA still scheduled to cost a measly $109, one controller, USA shipping and Jelly Bean butter included. Tasty or what?