All Ouya followers will be pleased to know that the team behind the Android powered video game console has announced that software development kits will be shipped to backers by December 28th. This is great news to hear because this means that devs will finally be able to work on optimizing their games for the big screen. Since Ouya will run on Android’s latest update, Jelly Bean, expect some high quality gaming that everyone will enjoy.

As you know, Ouya is a Kickstarter-funded project that utilizes Android’s open source code to make a one of a kind “free” video game entertainment system. The only price you have to pay is the cost of the console. The games will be free to play, just like most games on the Google Play Store. Since the device is going for a low price of $99, the team is hoping that it will attract consumers and developers alike that want to get away from the expensive alternatives.

From what the update says on Kickstarter, the ones recieving these early units will find something special about them. “Rare drops,” if you will. We can only imagine what it might be.

Adam Bush
Adam fell in love with Android after he purchased his Samsung Epic 4G. Ever since then, he has followed everything related to Android and other mobile technology. When there is free time, Adam can be found tinkering with his devices and trying out new roms, themes, and other things that improve the overall functionality of each device.