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OUYA developer kit offers us a first look at the Android based console [video]

The OUYA developer kits shipped out on December 28th, and thanks to Youtube user Code Zombie Games, we get our first look at the interface.
January 2, 2013

The OUYA developer kits shipped out on December 28, and it seems that they’ve not suffered from slow Christmas delivery times, as some developers already have their devices to play around with. Code Zombie Games have uploaded several YouTube videos which show off various aspects of the kit, including the following overview of the systems interface.

From the video we some of the OUYA’s home screen features, but unfortunately we only get to view the development content as this stage. Even so, we can see that there will be support for apps as well as gaming, even if these features aren’t fully implemented yet. There’s a full web browser with support for video content, which seems to run smoothly.

We also get a look at the device running an existing Android game, although without button mapping for the controller it looks like a bit of a hassle to play. The controller seems to be missing a few important functions, like a start menu or back functions to allow users to quit games and go back to the OUYA menu. But  as a preliminary viewing, everything else appears to be working quite well.

I’m eager to see what the final release looks like, and, with an expected April release, we hopefully won’t be waiting long.