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OUYA spruce up the design of its controller

Developers working on OUYA have outlined some of the tweaks they are making to the console's controller to make it as responsive and precise as possible.
January 25, 2013
OUYA controller

Here’s some news for those of you looking forward to OUYA. The developers have announced that they are now focusing on tweaking the controller’s design to make it as responsive and precise as possible.

Controllers are always a hot topic when it comes to consoles, and can seem to make or break some peoples gaming experiences, especially if you listen to some of the Dualshock or 360 fan-boy arguments that is. Personally, as long as it’s accurate I don’t really mind, but it’s good to know that the people at OUYA are paying attention to every detail of their little console.

The key changes being made to the initial controller design start with a new layout for the D-pad, switching from a disc to more common cross style. They’ve also improved the grip on the top of the thumb-sticks and have ramped up the responsiveness of the built in touch pad, which all sounds pretty good.

The designers have also improved the aesthetics of the controller a little, which will see the battery fit into its slot without looking like it’s about to fall out, and the controller’s triggers also fit into the main body a bit better.

I must admit the controller is definitely looking sturdier than the Gamestick, but you will be stumping up a little more cash for the OUYA. Are you looking forward to the OUYA, and does the quality of a controller make or break the gaming experience for you?