Was there any possible way we could get more excited about OUYA, the upcoming Android-based console, after hearing about the incredible Kickstarter support and after having that unbelievably low $99 price point confirmed?

Sure there was. Just take a look at the obscenely long list of games supposedly supported by the console. And now, just to bump the hype with one extra level, we have OUYA’s CEO, Julie Uhrman, making some very bold claims.

According to Uhrman, the first-gen console will be “the best Tegra 3 device on the market”. Now, it’s obvious the game industry veteran is not exactly the most objective person to evaluate her baby’s power and potential, but her claims don’t exactly come out of thin air.


Instead, she is basing that on the very tight partnership between her company and NVIDIA. The Tegra 3 makers have apparently had “multiple people on their team dedicated to OUYA’s account”, which should have definitely helped in pushing the limits of the quad-core chip.

As a reminder, the $99 console is set to use a 1.7 GHz Tegra 3 T33 SoC, but, unlike regular phones or tablets powered by the same platform, it won’t have to worry about battery life. That will obviously allow the joint team of OUYA and NVIDIA developers to squeeze out a lot of extra oomph from the chip, which can only make us that more excited about the device.

Before wrapping up, we have to give it up to NVIDIA one more time for this extended support to the project, seeing as the Santa Clara-based company has its own Android-based console in the works. Granted, Shield will most likely step things up a notch compared with the $99 gaming device (both in performance and pricing), but a less visionary company might have still seen OUYA as the enemy.